I’m Kari Warberg Block, founder of EarthKind®,  passionate entrepreneur and committed environmentalist. I’m a mom of two (girl and boy, now all grown up) and a grandmother to five awesome individuals who are the joy of my life. 

Living and building my business in North Dakota has been wonderful, and recently, we were so lucky to find a cottage in North Carolina on a nature preserve a few miles from the EarthKind manufacturing plant, that now I can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Like any business owner, my life is chaotic. I constantly travel, but I love every moment. It’s exhilarating and challenging. When you are doing what you love and building a business with purpose, work isn’t a chore, it’s a privilege.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, but kept putting it off. I’ve been the recipient of so much help and good counsel along the way from wonderful people, that I feel it’s time to pay it forward. I’ll tell you all about my many setbacks and share some amazing wins.  I hope to inspire you to take that leap of faith while avoiding some painful pitfalls.

But mostly, I’m here to tell you to dream big – you hold your destiny in your hands and your happiness in your heart.


Welcome to my One Of A Kind blog

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