What Business With Purpose Means to Me

I have always felt that the business community has a responsibility to lead with purpose. Purpose-led companies are focused on doing work that makes a real difference, so they are committed to becoming the best, rather than the biggest. When ‘purpose’ becomes a company’s compass, it spurs creativity, which in turn drives innovation and growth. I’m a prime example of how operating a purpose-driven business can help scale you from one person with an idea, to the owner of a multi-million dollar company.


Following our purpose of ‘preserving the good and preventing the rest,’ as we scaled the company, we now support American farmers by buying our ingredients from them. We’ve hired a handicapped workforce and built our equipment around their needs. We’ve also been able to stand up to pressure from manufacturers overseas and avoid plastic packaging, while continuing to grow our retail presence in major retail chains across the country.


I began this journey long before I started my company and it has served me well both personally and professionally. I always loved to re-purpose discarded items from the farm and reuse them as decorative containers in our home. And now I am able to parlay that into an environmentally sustainable business. My goal is to become a carbon neutral business and we are well on our way at 2%.


It’s no longer enough for an enterprise to earn a good profit; companies must also be a force for good. It will take committed entrepreneurs, retailers and investors to help drive the new wave of social change and environmental conservation. Being on the front line and riding that new wave has given me a unique perspective and deep appreciation on how to get workers, communities and customers working together to do good business that generates profits and protects the planet. And my new mission is to mount a global initiative with a robust philanthropic component—but that’s a whole other story.