The Woman Behind the Brand

As the wife of a farmer and daughter of an entomologist, I was always surrounded by bugs and pests. Growing up I had an aversion to killing a living thing—I still do.


My life was full of twists and turns and I tried my hand at many things including body building, make up artist, aromatherapy and master gardener to name a few. But nothing stuck. I always say my brand – EarthKind® ­– was born out of necessity.

On our farm, we were constantly battling rodent infestations, especially in the barn where we kept our equipment. One day, I was on the tractor and a mouse ran up my leg and into my shorts. You can only imagine the panic and screaming that ensued!


 At that time, 98% of pest control solutions sold were kill methods and poisons. I certainly didn’t want to risk the safety of my kids, pets and the wildlife by using rodent poison. So I decided to try to make something different. I was growing lots of botanicals and herbs on the farm that I sold at farmers markets. It was fun and hard work, but it didn’t exactly make much money. However, it did get me thinking. I decided to do some research and discovered that bugs and pests were repelled by many things I was already growing, and so with only 99 cents in my pocket I decided that this was my destiny. I began with very little confidence, but a passionate belief that I could be a disruptor.


Fast forward a few years, and I invented a safe, natural pest control alternative called Fresh Cab® which has become a best seller in the farming and agricultural sector. Because of the success of that invention, I started my company, EarthKind®, in Bismarck, ND ten years ago. EarthKind® all-natural pest prevention products and rodent repellents provide effective, safe and natural ways to get rid of pests and bring inviting smells into your home. A win-win all around!


My business started out like many others in America, I had a dream, and very little else, except I was one of the lucky ones, and above all else…

                                       …  One of A Kind.